Video Gallery


Talking at Night (2017)

In 2017, I was selected to write and direct a short documentary for the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) that featured a unique story from Saskatchewan.

"Talking at Night" is an observational documentary that profiles one night at Saskatoon's Mobile Crisis Centre, which provides 24/7 crisis resolution to people in distress. Its workers take calls from individuals in unpredictable and urgent situations, and respond in person when help is needed most. I captured the behind-the-scenes experiences of the crisis centre’s staff, crafting a compelling portrait of a critically needed but largely unknown service.

Credits: Writer, Director


Ice road builder (2017)

A short portrait I filmed, edited and produced for the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) to demonstrate how SRC's work engages and benefits the lives of remote northern community members. The video captures a Dene entrepreneur's job of building and maintaining an ice road for one of SRC's major mine remediation projects in northern Saskatchewan.

Credits: Writer, Director, Editor, Producer

Cleaning up the lorado uranium mill (2016)

This video tells the story of the abandoned Lorado Uranium Mill site in Northern Saskatchewan and SRC's efforts to rehabilitate the site for future generations. I interviewed, shot, edited, and animated the entire video, which is used to inform government, the public and northern community members about the ambitious and successful project.

Credits: Writer, Director, Editor, Animator, Producer

Huskie football gameday promotions (2015)

I wrote and produced five commercials to advertise games for the 2015 season of Huskie Football at the University of Saskatchewan. After creating the tagline, "My tradition, our Huskies," I wrote spots that featured the team's head coach, young fans, Canada's Armed Forces, and current and former players. The videos aired on Saskatchewan television networks, were promoted through social media, and were ultimately renewed for the 2016 season.

Credits: Writer, Producer


The Saskatchewan Research Council's most popular online video is one I created to promote their biodigester, an eco-friendly power system designed and built for the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum in Ottawa. After interviewing several scientists and engineers, I scripted and created the video with a graphic designer, who provided the graphics that I animated and narrated. It remains my only video that includes animated feces.

Credits: Writer, Animator, Narrator, Producer


Long live huskie football (2014)

The first Huskie Football commercial I co-wrote and produced was designed to showcase the team as something to aspire to be part of. I supervised script rewrites, organized casting, and organized production schedules.

Credits: Co-Writer, Producer